Welcome to the MMVS Online Music Career Mastermind Program


We want you to be an expert in how your field works and develop a plan for what you are going to do within it. You’ve been given a passion in life and have cultivated the right attitude and work ethic. Now, let’s get to work to create the life and career you desire (and deserve)! 

First, we unleash your creative brilliance and elevate your skills so you have the perfect combination of knowing what you're doing and knowing who you are. 

Next, we outline your goals and dreams, educate you on the industry you wish to work in, take you through the academic landscape and your best options (if that applies to you), and create a road map for your success that cuts out all the additional clutter, chaos and stress that comes from not knowing what you need to do to reach your goals.

This is Melissa Mulligan and her team's online, group program comprised of  group master classes, group "show & tells," private lessons and online training material. We work with aspiring recording artists, producers, writers, instrumentalists, vocalists, and musical theatre students from around the world.

During our time together, you will train hard, find your creative spark and develop your skills in ways you never thought possible, thanks to the support of our expert coaches and the inspiration you'll receive from your  fellow masterminds. This is a community. Creativity cannot be cultivated in a climate of competition (alliteration for the win).


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A few words of wisdom from Mastermind Mentors Mike Mangini and Melissa Mulligan

Multi-Grammy-winning producer Mike Mangini on what it takes to be an artist, the two main myths about creating music careers, and why he's joined our Music Career Mastermind Program. Mike has worked with The Jonas Brothers, Digable PlanetsBaha Men, Joss Stone, David Byrne, The Beastie Boys, Run DMC, Bruce Hornsby, Smash Mouth, Dionne Warwick, Five for Fighting, Imani Coppola, Andy Grammer, AJR, Grace Weber, Diane Birch, Jillette Johnson, Hailey Knox, Jackie Evancho, Elise LeGrow, and many more. He was also the Music Producer for the film "Shrek."

This is Melissa Mulligan's webinar on the six choices aspiring singers, songwriters, musicians, producers and MT students need to make to create successful careers in music, a sustainable income, and a joyful musical journey. SPOILER: It's not about who you know or where you go to college!