Level 3 consists of five vocal challenges and one final project. It is designed to take you
approximately 8 - 10 months to complete. Your goal is to master each of these
assignments, not just “pass” them. Along the way to completing Level 3 your technique
will improve to the point where don’t have to think as much when you perform. As
always, you will focus on technique, vocal health, artistry and emotional connection. You
will also explore your voice in new ways, learning how to reach the heart of your
listener with your sound on recordings and in live performances.
Challenge 1: The Burpee Challenge - Sing while doing “burpees,” a move that starts
with a push-up and ends with a vertical jump. It’s all about breath support and staying in
Challenge 2: The Recording Challenge - Choose a song by The Beatles (or former
member of The Beatles). We work together to record a vocal track that is meaningful
and unique.
Challenge 3: The Harmony Challenge - Choose any song you like. Arrange it into
three part harmony and record it (with assistance). Your arrangement should be
approximately 90 - 120 seconds in length.
Challenge 4: The Mash-Up / Duet Challenge - Choose two songs in contrasting styles
and arrange a mash-up. You will use your transposing skills and music theory knowledge
from Level 2 to accomplish this. Work with another MMVSer for the final product,
which will either be recorded as an audio file or video.
Challenge 5: The Vocal Challenge - I will pick your song project this time. It will be a
song that suits your vocal style and employs what you have learned thus far. But it will
be a challenge!
FINAL: Your final project is based upon your goals and where you need development.
Recent projects have included recording and posting videos to YouTube, booking live
performances, and completing a portfolio of work in preparation for college auditions.

Level 3 Artists