Love From Some of Our Artists

"Without Melissa, I would not be where I am today. I began seeing her for vocal coaching as a sheepish 14-year-old without even an ounce of a developed singing voice... I had no intention of turning my voice into a career.
After almost five years of working with Melissa, though, it all changed. She knew just how to work with my overly analytical mind, and guided me from square one with not just the traditional technique/style/stage presence spiel, but also with my development as an artist. Mel’s approach integrating musical and artistic education into instrumental training is something that is unique to MMVS.
During the time I have spent with Mel, she has given me all the necessary tools to make it to where I am now. With her help and faith in me, I went from that little kid who couldn’t make a noise without being mistaken for a dying cat to a Berklee voice student studying music production, music engineering, and music business." - David, Berklee College of Music (scholarship recipient)

"MMVS is a wonderful community where young artists can share and develop a passion of music. For me, the most important thing I learned was the importance of growth, but Mel also gave me space, and the resources to develop, as a singer-songwriter. I found my own voice, and it's amazing what can happen over three years at MMVS if you really work hard.
As a young vocalist, Mel taught me several techniques over the years, and gave me wonderful opportunities to perform. Vocal wise, I definitely grew and started to realize the potential of my voice. I was very lucky to even perform with Mel a few times.
I learned how to be part of an energetic and friendly environment, by collaborating with others from vocal classes to writing music. Mel taught me how to create. It was because of those early Saturday morning and weekly lessons that reinforced my desire to continue the study of music in high school.
For those who are just beginning at MMVS, it is a safe heaven where people of all culture can share their passion of music. MMVS incorporated the study of theory and vocal techniques that prepared me for my auditions and exams for highschool.
Mel made me feel special, and that is something she shares among all her students. She made me believe that I could actually walk into a audition and ace it. I'm very lucky to have been apart of MMVS. Mel did not give up on me.
Every lesson incorporated a mix of warm-ups and a project. Whether it was covering a song or witting a new piece. I was able to write 15 songs with Mel, and I owe her a huge thanks for guiding me. One of my originals, that Mel co-wrote was "Summer." I ended up getting into my top music highschool in New York City, Kaufman, special music school because of that song. Simply, MMVS is a community where musical talents meet and grow." - Sirena, Kaufman High School, NYC

Mike Falzone, Cameron Leahy (The Downtown Fiction), Max Wagner (Minor Soul), Julia Nunes, Anson Li and Ally Ryan:


"As a sophomore in college, coming into school knowing what major I wanted to pursue was the most relieving thing. The reasoning for this is because ever since meeting Melissa Mulligan quite a few years ago and beginning my vocal lessons with her, I knew that music was my passion in life. From learning how to sing, to trying to play the piano, to going to concerts and hearing about all of the behind the scenes work, Melissa has helped and encouraged me so much. Melissa helped me realize that there was much more to the music industry than just the artists themselves. With her, I learned that the people behind the scenes are just as important. That is where my major came into play. Deciding to go to Pace University in NYC, I chose the major Arts and Entertainment Management. This major gives me the opportunity to learn the business side of the music industry, as well as all other arts and entertainment industries, inside and out. Melissa has taught me everything I need to know on the artist's side of the industry, so because of her, I can now understand both sides of the industry rather than just one.
With the experience I gained from taking lessons with her and discussing personal life decisions, it has also prepared me to take the next step in life. Not only am I in college studying the music business side of the industry, but I also have access to getting the best internships possible. Being in NYC is also extremely helpful for this aspect in my life, but if it weren’t for Melissa Mulligan, I would have never thought these opportunities were possible. She has helped me gain the confidence in pursuing this as my career when others have advised me otherwise and I couldn’t be more grateful for her." - Marisa, Pace University, NYC