A. Practice
Complete assignments and practice consistently
B. Projects
Complete five song projects (chosen by student and teacher):
~ Three in student’s chosen musical genre
~ One musical theater or “standard” or jazz song
~ One classical piece
C. Anatomy of the Voice: How the Body Sings
Answer the following:
~ Diaphragm Where is your diaphragm?
What does it do?
How is it used for singing?
~ Larynx Where is your larynx?
What is in it?
How does it work?
~ Pharynx
Where is your pharynx?
Why is it important for singers?
~ Registration
What are the different registers of the voice called?
How and where are they created?
What do they sound like?
What do they feel like?
~ Resonance
What is resonance?
Where are the resonators in the human body?
Why is resonance so important in singing?
D.Music Theory
Know the following:
~ The notes on the piano and musical staff
~ The difference between a whole step and a half step
~ The major scale pattern of whole steps and half steps
~ The minor natural scale pattern
~ The minor harmonic scale pattern
~ Time signatures
~ Counting basic rhythms
~ Identifying notes on a staff (tenor and bass clef)
E. Skill Evaluation
~ Pitch & Timing: ability to sing with karaoke track and/or basic accompaniment
~ Breath: ability to sing with proper breath support and without throat, jaw or other
~ Registration: ability to sing in both lower and upper register. Ability to transition
 through “bridges” of range comfortably.
~ Resonance: understanding of resonance

Level 1 Artists