Your Private Road Map Training

A private lesson program with Melissa Mulligan designed for Mastermind Graduates who want one on one lessons, intense focus and personalized development work with Melissa to break through their short term goals NOW.

You've got your long term goals. You've got a road map. And now... it's time to get to work.

The overwhelming question I receive from Mastermind graduates and their families is how often they can receive personalized support, check-ins and coaching while they work on their next steps. 

I hear you.

And to be honest not only do I miss all of you after you graduate, I also wish that we could continue to work together, one on one, to get you through those important next steps. 

So... after much consideration, I have decided to open up FIVE SLOTS for regular one on one Mastermind Graduate training. 

This is NOT FOR YOU if you're just looking for voice lessons or songwriting lessons when it fits with your schedule.

This is NOT FOR YOU if you're just looking for mind set check-ins or help with social media ideas.  

This is NOT FOR YOU if you want to talk about your schedule, your college choices or prep for a single audition.

This is DEFINITELY FOR YOU if you are 100% INVESTED in mastering your craft, setting measurable short terms goals and WORKING DAILY to ROCK your RESULTS.

We will sing, write, act, prep, record, shift your mind set, plan, and make to do lists. I will hold you accountable. You will get it all done, feel amazing, and reap the benefits of your hard work.


I want everything we do to be linked to your long term goals, but we are going to be making real-time progress on your short term goals during our time together. Have music to release? Auditions to prep? College applications to finish? Decisions to make? Performances to plan? Songs to write? Vocal technique to master? Social Media to conquer? We are going to break it down into actionable items and GET THINGS DONE.

Four weekly one on one sessions where we are WORKING. Come prepared to sing and/or play, be sure to record any warm-ups, exercises and advice from me, and leave committed to work regularly on everything I assign.

An email from me once a week reviewing what we went over, what I want you to focus on, and copying your parents to keep us all on the same page.

You guessed it! You're going to be asked to check in with me, work hard outside of your lessons, and stay super focused on the goals you've set. 


$275 per week or $1,000 per month (four weeks in a row)
Lessons must be taken weekly unless there is an emergency. 

Participants will have right of first refusal to renew their slot each month.


I'm going to be very selective, so I've created a questionnaire for you to fill out, informing me of your goals and your readiness to accept this challenge. Please fill this out and give me a day or two to review. Slots will be given on a first come / first accepted basis: