With the emergence of the Internet in the mid-90’s, Dan Connor recognized an opportunity in an uncharted industry & with the formation of his company; 4Sight Media, LLC, Dan set to sail with his extensive marketing skills.

Originally focused on land line wired telecommunications sales, Dan & his company began to target another emerging technology, VoIP. For the past 14 years 4Sight Media has been the largest independent marketing firm for Vonage, the worlds largest VoIP provider.

Always on the forefront of forthcoming opportunities, in 2005 the term “Social Media” began to land on Dan’s desk.  Once again, Dan expanded the service offerings of 4Sight Media with a focus on Social Media Marketing.

Through Dan’s relationship with an entertainment firm, 4Sight Media has found a niche in artist social media marketing & has been providing this service for a number of MMVS clients over the past three years.

Some highlights of the artist social media services that Dan provides are:

  • Extensive one-on-one consultation.
  • Genre and geographically specific targeted and active Twitter followers.
  • Integration of various features of all social media accounts; Instagram, Twitter, Vine, Facebook, Flicker, SoundCloud, Tumblr, YouTube, Vimeo, VEVO and more in a natural manner that does not violate the service providers Terms Of Service (TOS).
  • Service level guarantees.

For rates and availability please email us at mymmvs@gmail.com.