I learned about so much about road-mapping and different aspects of the music industry, especially through Mike Mangini's presentation in the program. I grew so much as an artist because I was able to work one-on-one with different people who are a part of the MMVS team, which allowed me to work on specific aspects of my craft that I wanted to improve my skills in. I would recommend others to take full advantage of this program and come into the program with no expectations because that's what I did, and it blew my mind how much I was able to accomplish within a span of 8 weeks. Now, I am producing a song with one of my coaches that I wrote while I was in the mastermind program; it will be dropping onto Spotify and iTunes within the next few months. My road map helped me organize my dreams into a simple layout that I am now following.
- Alex Berman, 17

Every time I leave one of these sessions, I feel like I am not alone in this. We are all taking on this industry together, and this program is seriously one of the best things I could have ever done for myself and my career.
- Brooke, 19

My daughter is a sophomore at Belmont. She did the MMVS Mastermind class and literally learned more in that 12 weeks than  3 semesters as a music student. It was absolutely the best money we have spent in regards to her career. (Including the tens of thousands in tuition) She has a clear plan and road map to reach her dream of being a performer and recording artist.
- Christa (Mom)

My daughter (16) recently finished the Mastermind program with Melissa. She has always been very Type-A and is extremely self-driven, but I now see a new focus and fire in her. She is determined to be self-sufficient and has taken over management of her social media and other tasks... Without getting into too many details, Kacie was at a crossroads and had some decisions to make regarding her path. All good choices, but she was a bit unfocused, reactive and tired from spreading herself too thin. Melissa and her team helped Kacie clarify her goals and to create a roadmap to achieve them. She is energized and feels empowered. I am feeling less alone and overwhelmed in how to guide her into the career/young adult that she envisions.

Bottom line: if you have found yourself here and haven't already spoken with Melissa, I encourage you to do so. I'll admit, I stalked the page for months before finally reaching out... wish I had done so sooner.
- Kim (Mom)

My son (19) was in the Mastermind group this past summer. It was a life-changing experience for him. If you've watched Melissa's video about the Mastermind, she talks about how he started singing because of the group. Absolutely true. I'd wanted him to try for a few years, as it felt like the missing piece for him as a musician and songwriter, but he always balked. This time, he chose to do it on his own. Miraculous, and entirely unexpected.
- Tamar (Mom)

This is totally a plug for Melissa Mulligan's Mastermind Class y’all. My daughter (18) is just finishing up this class and her growth since September is enormous... This class teaches it all, vocal, song writing, presentation, mind set, social media and much more. (My daughter) has the confidence to create her own path and go forward with the career she wants and knows now that she is capable of creating. This class is a life changer! Can’t thank you enough Melissa and team! ❤️
- Susana (Mom)

Wanted to give a shout out to Melissa and her amazing Mastermind team. My 16 year old daughter had many pieces of what I think of as a "music puzzle" and I didn't know how to help her. The MMVS Mastermind class guided her to put those pieces together and make short and long term goals that include college planning. I can't say enough about how wonderful this program has been for my daughter. She has been performing and writing music for a while, but it was the Mastermind program that helped her grow as a songwriter, record, produce, and put herself "out there". Here's her first self-produced original...
-Kristen (Mom)

My son (15) hit it off with Melissa and he was invited to be a part of her MMVS program which he has since graduated from! Everyone was so amazing!!!! He was writing original songs before he started but now he’s spending time dissecting them and revamping them thanks to Coley. He is more confident in his singing voice and not just rapping thanks to Melissa. He also has songs written strictly for piano, others for guitar and he is experimenting with EDM and mixing them thanks to Chris. He continues to take private vocal lessons and music production where he incorporates and builds on his music theory knowledge that he is learning in school.
-Marianne (Mom)

Last week we sent our baby back to college for her Junior year as an MT major. This summer she was involved with Melissa’s Mastermind class. I had heard about it a little over a year ago but I couldn’t get her onboard to do it last summer. So I would occasionally read her one of Melissa’s posts and she decided to do the complimentary road mapping session this past spring and dove into the program this summer. For anyone out there who is sitting on the fence about this, I can’t begin to explain how incredibly helpful and uplifting it was. She came away with a very clear approach to her future, post-graduation. And she is able to answer that old, tired question that so many people just have to ask “So what are you going to do with that degree? So Melissa, thank you for what you do. For choosing to mentor teens (and young adults!) For validating our kids who are brave enough to pursue their passion and giftedness. I think Ashley will look back on this program as a turning point on her journey. I’m so excited for her future!
-Debbie (Mom)

My son took [Music Career Mastermind] this summer too, and just went back for his sophomore year in music ed. I was impressed with the reverse roadmap he wrote. He sees his goal and walked backwards in steps as to what he needs to get there. It helped him see his next step more clearly. When he went back to school, he wrote out steps in a planner so that he could better keep up with homework, work at Starbucks, and be in a production of Godspell. He says he has never felt so clear. Thank you from me too, Melissa!
-Shannon (Mom)

One of the major things to come out of Ameliarose's Mastermind experience with Melissa Mulligan and team was finding her lane - both musically and regarding her look. Before taking the course she was a little all over the place. Knowing who she is has given Ameliarose such "calming clarity" as Melissa says, and she has since been able to delve much deeper into her artistry, brand etc.
-Rose (Mom)